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BBQ Mats-
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  • BBQ Mats-
  • BBQ Mats-
Item No.:

Accessory Type: Pans

Material: Fabric

Feature: Corrosion Resistance, Easily Cleaned, Heat Resistance, Non-Stick, Waterproof

Color: Black, brown, by customer

Size: Custom Size

Thickness: 0.08mm-0.3mm

Advantage & Function :

Enjoy the benefits of our BBQ Grill mat and start barbecuing more outside!

- Commercial grade thickness

- Made with 100% high quality PTFE non-stick coating

- High heat transfer browns food and leaves grill lines and flavor.

- Cook flaky fish, loose vegetables, and breakfast foods like eggs, bacon and hash brown right on the grill without losing any of your meal.

- Our mat catches spills and drips so you can grill meats without flare ups or burnt on sauces and marinades.

- Best of all, you can keep all the grill flavor!

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