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Panther Group Co., Ltd (Panther) is a professional and diversified company founded in 2004, located in Jinhua China, 40 km from Yiwu International Trade City, and about the same distance to Yongkang Hardware City, the world’s hardware centre.

Panther is involved in many types of business.

Panther supplies goods to buyers all over the world. The products we supply cover a range of Apparel, Textiles and Accessories, Auto Transportation, Electronics, Hardware, Tools, Gifts, Toys, Home Goods, Garden Tools, Health and Beaty, Bags, Shoes and Accessories, Sports and Outdoor, etc.

Panther focuses on the quality.

We believe that quality is the life of a product. It conveys a company’s reputation and long-term development.

We devote a lot of time and energy to new product innovation. Innovation is the essence of life. We will always be on our toes to search and find new products.

Panther has three main advantages for business.

Effectiveness: With close distance to Yiwu International Trade City, all kind of goods can be sourced timely and effectively. And with more than ten years business experience, we have a lot of knowledge about various kinds of products.

Professional Team: Panther has a comprehensive onboarding process for all new projects, to ensure all the goods can be correctly and timely purchased and shipped. The projects include Amazon FBA shipment, and the individual retailing and wholesaling. With more than four years Amazon shipment experience, we are familiar with all the ever-changing rules for Amazon.

Professional relationship management: Panther maintains a stable cooperation with air and sea shipping companies. The cost is more competitive and full-scale. The service covers Amazon FBA shipment and door-to-door goods fulfillment.

Europe and America are our main target markets. There are offices founded in Indiana, Florida, and Manchester in England, supporting the local businesses respectively.

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